Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Roofing

Roofing is putting roofs on new buildings or repairing the damaged ones. Since ancient times, it has formed a crucial part of every household, especially in Greek and Roman civilization. Therefore, roofing has primary importance when constructing a new house or a building. Below are some of the interesting facts you didn’t know about roofing.

● Flat roofs are not entirely flat- While you stand on a stand roof, you won’t notice it. But flat roofs have a slight inclination of about 1/4th of an inch to drain the excess water.
● Putting one roof over the other can be dangerous- You may think it would prevent the leakage. But doubling a roof might cause both the roofing materials to decay. Also, it can form a crack on it in harsh weather and cause your wall to weaken!
● Metal roofing is better than wood- If you ask a person among the better roofing material, metal or wood. You would probably get the answer as wood. However, it’s the other way round. Thin metal sheets are among the well-known roofing materials. The reason is that it offers more heat transfer and enhances the internal cooling of the building. Also, it is more prone to lightning. Wooden sheets, on the other side, would not provide the same features.
● The common areas of roof leaks are underneath the shingles- Shingles are the rectangular concrete part installed by overlapping with other shingles to form a roof. A long-time shingle leakage means that its material has become rot and needs replacement. Get it replaced by a professional roofing expert.
● Gable roofs are more suitable in snowier climates, while hipped roofs are more suited for windy regions- Gable roofs are the ones at 90 degrees, forming an equilateral triangle. It does not let snow accumulate in one place. Hipped roofs are shaped like a pyramid to form a ridge at the top and are more wind-resistant.

These are the five helpful facts about roofing to consider before its installation. It is always advisable to consult a professional roofing expert in Spring to get your doubts sorted out in the best manner!