Differentiating Between Single Roof And Double Roof

A roof is a top covering of the house or a building that protects it from snow, rain, extreme temperatures, and wind. It can be inclined or flat. There are several categories of roofs, yet the two basic types – single roofs and double roofs are common. In this article, we shall know the difference between these two. To learn more, you can refer to many companies like spring roofer that offer advanced solutions to all your roofing problems.

Single roofs are roofing structures having only one roof on each side of a central ridge. On the other hand, double roofs are roofing structures having a single roof plus a roof covering to provide added support.

Single roofs are suitable for a roof with a span of less than five-meter and vice versa for double roofs.

When the span required is above 2.4m, the cost of the rafter increases. In such a case, adopting a single roof would be highly unfeasible. That is why to lessen the size of the rafter purlin, a horizontal beam is installed as the intermediate support under the rafters.

The construction of a double roof is moreover simpler than a single roof. In a single roof, each rafter has two points, one at the bottom and the other at the top of the ridge. However, in a double roof, each rafter has three points at the bottom of the wall through the plate, at the top by the ridge, and at the center by purlin.

The double roof has a construction less complicated than a single roof. The collar beam and purlins are present in the double roof, and not in a single roof.

Above are the few differences between a single roof and a double roof. To get more information, refer to Spring roofing, one of the best roofers in spring, which brings you the answer to all your problems.